TiE Angels Group Seattle (TAGS) TiE Angels Group Seattle (TAGS)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TiE Angels Group Seattle (“TAGS”)?

TAGS is an angel investment group consisting of Charter Members of TiE Seattle, and other individuals who are selected at the sole discretion of the TAGS Steering Committee. The scope of the organization could expand over time at the discretion of the TAGS Steering Committee.


TiE is a global, not-for-profit network of entrepreneurs and professionals dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship.  TAGS provides entrepreneurs and investors a unique opportunity to leverage the significant depth and breadth of TiE’s network. Members of TAGS are some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors – and can provide a strong learning platform for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Who can become members of TAGS?

Charter Members of TiE Seattle who are in good standing and who are accredited investors are eligible for membership in TAGS.. Charter Members may become TAGS members by completing the online form and accepting the Code of Conduct. Other individuals who are accredited investors and who wish to become members of TAGS should contact the TAGS Steering Committee at TAGS for further information. Please note that members who plan to invest in any company presenting to TAGS must comply with applicable SEC accredited investor rules. Over time, an annual fee for membership in TAGS may be required for Charter Members as well. Please review the section “For Investors / Join TAGS” for additional information.

Who can benefit from TAGS?

TAGS expects to provide: (i) a potential funding source for the most promising early stage companies; and, (ii) a forum for Charter Members to learn about and access investment opportunities that they may not otherwise come across. Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to seek funding from experienced investors who have built companies and can provide access to broad networks. Charter Members will have the opportunity to potentially invest in and work with the most promising, early stage companies that have been screened by a panel of experts.

Who can apply for funding from TAGS?

TAGS seeks submissions from entrepreneurial companies with strong teams, clear value proposition, and demonstrable competitive advantages. Companies located in the Pacific Northwest are strongly preferred.

What are the preferred focus sectors for TAGS?

Focus areas of interest include but are not restricted to Software/Infrastructure, Internet, Mobility, Healthcare, Education, Cleantech, and Medical Devices/Technologies. TAGS, at the discretion of the Steering Committee, will very selectively consider companies that address other related sectors and still meet the group’s screening guidelines.

How do entrepreneurs benefit from TAGS?

TAGS members are Charter Members of TiE Seattle and other accredited investor members with significant operating and entrepreneurial experience. In addition, TiE Seattle offers a broad range of support and training programs for entrepreneurs. TiE Seattle is committed to working with and providing support for companies that are funded through TAGS.

Is TAGS associated with any venture capital firms?

TAGS is an independent forum for its members – who are Charter Members of TiE Seattle. Many of our members have personal and professional relationships with venture capital firms. However, the TAGS group itself is not formally associated with any venture capital firm.

How should an entrepreneur prepare to present to TAGS?

Entrepreneurs should present well constructed business plans and proposed investment terms to TAGS. Preparation for presenting to TAGS should be similar to how you would approach any other investor meeting. This is an investment group, and not an advisory group – so entrepreneurs should prepare and present accordingly.

What is the role of TAGS at each stage of the process?

TAGS has developed and will coordinate the process to: accept applications, screen submissions, evaluate screened companies, and invite shortlisted companies to present to the membership. TAGS will also provide the administrative support to manage subsequent interactions with prospective investments. Individual members of TAGS will make investment decisions independently and solely at their discretion and will negotiate terms, individually or as a group of interested members.

How do I get started if I am an entrepreneur?

If you plan to seek funding from TAGS, please start by reading the section “For Entrepreneurs”. To submit a plan for review, please use the “Apply to Present” link.

What information should an entrepreneur submit for evaluation by TAGS?

Entrepreneurs should only submit and present materials that they are willing to share as part of a broad review process. People who will be able to access and review the materials you submit include members of TAGS, other attendees at TAGS meetings, any screening experts that TAGS may designate from time to time, and others who may be involved with TAGS. TAGS does not sign non disclosure agreements and the screening process will include review of submitted materials by people who may or may not be members of TAGS.